Welcome to Quidpay

Quidpay is a payment gateway that offers developers much more. With straight-forward documentation, integration assistance and an amazing referral program, we make adding payments to applications easy and rewarding.

With Quidpay, you can create any type of payment flow. From one-time charges to recurring billing, card saving and every other scenario you can think of. We have API's that can get you going.

Wether you are building a taxi app and need to charge customers after a ride, a financial services app and need to charge customers monthly to repay a loan or any other scenario, our APIs are capable of servicing your requirements as we can easily handle millions of requests efficiently.

To start integrating quidpay, you need a quidpay account. See how to setup here: Setting up on Quidpay

Join The Quidpay developer slack channel, if you need any help or have suggestions, signup here: Slack

On your website

Accept payments on your website with our JS libraries

Quidpay checkout - Popup method

Setup Quidpay without any Integration

Quidpay Standard - Redirect method

Mobile Apps

Integrate our IOS and Android SDKs in your mobile apps

SDK Coming Soon

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