How Transfers work

When a transfer is initiated, it comes with a status NEW this means the transfer has been queued for processing, and you would need to use the reference you passed to call the Fetch a Transfer endpoint to retrieve the updated status of the transfer.

What happens when a transfer is completed ?

When a transfer is completed we would push a notification to you via your Webhook You can use this to confirm the status of the transfer.

If a transfer is already being processed and it fails during processing, we would also push a hook notification to you on your specified hook URL.

  "event.type": "Transfer",
  "transfer": {
    "id": 570,
    "account_number": "0690000040",
    "bank_code": "044",
    "fullname": "Alexis Sanchez",
    "date_created": "2018-06-11T14:07:49.000Z",
    "currency": "NGN",
    "amount": 9000,
    "fee": 45,
    "status": "SUCCESSFUL",
    "reference": "quidpay-transfer-152812343460966",
    "narration": "New transfer",
    "approver": null,
    "complete_message": "Approved Or Completed Successfully",
    "requires_approval": 0,
    "is_approved": 1,
    "bank_name": "ACCESS BANK NIGERIA"


Topping up your balance on test environment

To use the Initiate Transfer ] endpoint you need to top up your balance, navigate to transfers and click on the Top up balance notification, use this access bank test account to fund your balance 0690000031.


Test accounts to use as Destination accounts

Kindly make use of test account numbers between the range of 0690000031 - 0690000041.

You can use the accounts to test funding and also test transfers into an account.


International Transfers (US, EU, Asia)

This transfer method is only available in beta for selected merchants, once it becomes available to all merchants it would be announced. This means that transfers you test in the sandbox and live environments wouldn't be completed they would only be left in pending.

Available countries you can transfer to

NG (Nigeria)NGN
GH (Ghana)GHS
KE (Kenya)KES
UG (Ugandan)UGX
US (United States)USD
OT (Other countries)GBP, EUR, AUD etc.