Getting Started

This page describes how to setup to start using the quidpay inline function

Embedding a Quidpay button using Inline JS

To use the Quidpay Inline JS you would login and get your API Keys, and get a sample snippet from the documentation that calls the modal, you can follow this steps to add the inline js to your site or web application.

Follow this steps to successfully collect payments from your customers:

  1. Copy the Quidpay Inline script and paste on your site.

  2. Change the default API Keys to your keys, and the script url to your test url if you are performing a test payment.

  3. Create a unique and dynamic reference to pass as your transaction reference (txRef).

  4. Collect a test payment.

  5. Verify the transaction after collecting payment.

Before starting integration, be sure to:

Look through the User acceptance document and work with as a guide to completing a secured integration. The Flutterwave team is ready to discuss any issues, you can get on Slack and buzz us or send an email to [email protected]

Now that you have your API keys see the next section by clicking on the button below to see how to add the quidpay pay button to your website.