API Request

This describes the request format for Quidpay APIs

To construct a REST API request, combine these components:

The HTTP method- GET. Requests data from a resource.

- POST. Submits data to a resource to process.

- PUT. Updates a resource.

- PATCH. Partially updates a resource.

- DELETE. Deletes a resource.
The URL to the API service-Sandbox.https://ravesandboxapi.flutterwave.com

- Live. https://api.ravepay.co
The URI to the resourceThe resource to query, submit data to, update, or delete. For example, flwv3-pug/getpaidx/api/validatecharge.
HTTP request headersIncludes the Content-Type header with the value application/json.
A JSON request bodyRequired for most GET, POST, PUT, and PATCH calls.

This sample request that verifies a completed transactions.

curl --request POST \
  --url https://ravesandboxapi.flutterwave.com/flwv3-pug/getpaidx/api/verify \
  --data '{"flw_ref":"FLW-MOCK-6f52518a2ecca2b6b090f9593eb390ce","normalize":"1","SECKEY":"FLWPUBK-e634d14d9ded04eaf05d5b63a0a06d2f-X"}'

HTTP Request Headers

The following table describes the commonly used HTTP request headers:

AcceptThe response format. Required for operations with a response body. The syntax is:

Accept: application/<format>
Where format is json.
Content-TypeThe request format. Required for operations with a request body. The syntax is:

Content-Type: application/<format>