Pre-Authorised Transactions

This introduces how to implement preauthorised transactions.

Card preauthorisation allows a merchant preauthorise a specific amount to be paid by a customer. Once preauthorised successfully, a hold is put on the amount specified, and left for the merchant to capture that amount at a later time or date. Merchants after preauthorising can perform the following actions:

  • Void: This allows the merchant release the hold on the funds i.e. if value was not given for the service, the merchant would typically be required to void the transaction.
  • Refund: This allows the merchant refund a preauthorised amount or captured amount.
  • Capture: This allows a merchant capture or collect the preauthorised funds from the customer i.e. after value or service has been given to the customer a merchant would capture the preauthorised amount.


Preauth expiration

Once an amount is preauthorised on a card and not captured within Seven (7) working days, the hold on the funds is automatically reversed


We don’t charge any fees on uncaptured charges, and fees, after you capture, are the same as any other charge.

Approval is required to use this feature, to request approval kindly email [email protected]