API Response

This describes the Response format for Quidpay APIs

Quidpay API calls return HTTP status codes in the response headers. API calls also return JSON response bodies that include information about the resource.

HTTP Status Codes

Each REST API request returns a success or error HTTP status code.


In the response headers, Quidpay returns these HTTP status codes for successful requests:

Status codeDescription
200 OKThe request succeeded.


In the responses for failed requests, Quidpay returns HTTP 400 status codes.

RAVE API errors can be grouped into three main categories. The validation errors, quidpay errors and provider errors.
They are usually returned in this format with the HTTP 400 status code:

    "status": "error",
    "message": "Merchant not enabled for API Disburse",
    "data": null

With Data Object.

  "status": "error",
  "message": "No transaction found",
  "data": {
    "code": "NO TX",
    "message": "No transaction found"

You can see more on Quidpay errors here

HTTP status codeTypical error code and error messageCause
400 Bad RequestVV_TX. TRANSACTION ALREADY VERIFIEDThe transaction was already verified with the same reference.
404 Not FoundNO TX. The specified resource does not exist.The server did not find anything that matches the request URI. Either the URI is incorrect or the resource is not available. For example, no data exists in the database at that key.
500 Internal Server ErrorAn internal server error has occurred.A system or application error occurred. Although the client appears to provide a correct request, something unexpected occurred on the server.
503 Service UnavailableService Unavailable.The server cannot handle the request for a service due to temporary maintenance.