The page introduces you to handling recurring payments on Quidpay v2

Quidpay helps merchants collect payments recurringly, you can get started with a recurring payment following this steps:

  1. Login into your quidpay dashboard, navigate to Quidpay Checkout.

  2. Click on create new quidpay checkout button.

  3. Select a VBV/Securecode authmodel, Normal charge type, and Select an Interval you want to charge your user's , monthly , daily, weekly etc.

  4. Once button has been created the keys are mapped to the preference chosen, i.e. if you create a button with a monthly interval, when used in your integration your user's would only be charged monthly.

  5. Once the keys have been created you can add it to your integration, once a customer is charged once on your integration e.g. your pay button we would start the recurring payment and charge the user based on the interval preference of the keys generated.

Stopping Recurrent Payments

There are two options available to merchants to stop recurring payments:

  1. Stop recurring payments on the dashboard
  • Navigate to Recurring Transactions on your quidpay dashboard and click on the stop action button for a particular recurring payment.
  1. Stop the recurring payment via API, you can find how to do that in the next section.